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poetryaction to Chengdu Could Not, Would Not Fall Asleep

October 23, 2014

Happy Poetry Friday! I’m sharing another poetryaction today. I sometimes have trouble sleeping. Lately, my back has been aching–I don’t know why. Long car trips to blame? Anyway, I felt bad for Barney Saltzberg’s Chengdu and wrote this cinquain in his honor.


Here I am reading my poem:

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Empty Liner [15 words or less poems]

October 23, 2014

Photo: Laura Purdie Salas

Wake up your poetry brains with 15 Words or Less (guidelines here)!


After eating a tasty vanilla mini-cupcake the other day, I thought the empty liner looked kind of sad and lonely. This image makes me think of:

1) what do the other cupcakes think when they see this evidence?
2) what is that ghostie doing in the reflection on the plate?
3) what a waste that some of it sticks to the liner!

And here’s my first draft.

Too Many Sweets!

November first,

ghosts hold their bellies,

afraid they’ll burst.

Who-o-o-o-o ate that?

Not meeeeeeeeee…


–Laura Purdie Salas, all rights reserved


Now it’s your turn! Have fun and stick to 15 WORDS OR LESS!  (Title doesn’t count toward word count:>) 







poetryaction to Super Sniffers, by Dorothy Hinshaw Patent

October 22, 2014

My little nonfiction book group is talking about some of Dorothy Hinshaw Patent’s books today, and one I read and loved was Super Sniffers: Dog Detectives on the Job. Very. Cool. Nonfiction. Book.


Super Sniffers

I decided to do a poetryaction for it, and at first I was going to write about what it must be like to be a military sniffing dog and parachute into places! (The pictures in this book are fabulous!) But then I thought about my own dog, Captain Jack Sparrow. I wrote a zeno about what job he might have. The pickin’s were slim, I’m telling you:>) His useful skills are quite limited. He’s good at cuddling, though!


I’ve been doing something new. After reading a picture book, sometimes I jot down a quick poem based on something in the book. It could be inspired by the entire book, the setting, a character, or even just a tiny detail in a picture or a single phrase from the text. I’m using picture books as a jumping off point for poems. I thought this might be something interesting for you to do in your classroom, so I’m going to share some of them here.